The Discomfort is Your Miracle in Disguise

by | Love

The discomfort is the shift. It’s your miracle in disguise.

I listened to a great talk by Eckhart Tolle the other day. He said that the closer a caterpillar gets to the end of its lifespan as a caterpillar, the more difficult things get for it.

Its very existence becomes dysfunctional— the things that used to work, like crawling, suddenly don’t work anymore. And if the caterpillar was like us, it would be stressed out and desperately trying to hold it together— reading books on how to become better at caterpillaring or techniques on crawling better and faster.

But instead, the caterpillar LETS GO and leaps to a new dimension entirely. It leaves crawling behind, transcends all past limitations and emerges as a new being — one that it couldn’t even image, but always had the potential to be.



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