Lonely? Use It As a Trigger for Awareness.

by | Meditation

Whenever the impulse arises to reach out to that person you said you wouldn’t reach out to no mo,’ use it as a trigger to become super watchful.

Watch your thoughts and emotions carefully— as if you were watching someone else… as if you were watching a movie starring ‘you.’ Feel the loneliness, fully, allowing it to hang out. Don’t rush to do something (meditate, pray, pour a glass of wine, workout, strike a yoga pose, grab a book, a snack, your phone, etc) to suppress, remedy or ignore it. Just let the loneliness be, the way you let the couch, table and walls be. Unlike the ‘loneliness’, those objects are neutral to you, that’s why you don’t care that they are present.


The loneliness is a part of the present moment too, it’s a part of the scene, and it can’t be otherwise. Don’t try to fix it. Just watch the moment, including the energy disturbance you label as ‘loneliness’, objectively. Then, if you still want to send that message, or make that call, go ahead, but it was a choice and not an unconscious act.

This super alert watchfulness is your key to freedom from loneliness, lack and unhappiness. Staying aware, being hella watchful, will allow you to entirely transcend your current situation and limiting self-concepts. This watchful state of being will allow you to finally be who you’ve always, already been… HER.


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