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This FREE, 5-day challenge is a call to get un-stuck, and reclaim your power. It’s your manifesto. HER declaration! Everyday I share the importance of not ‘becoming in time’, but BEING the best version of yourself, now, living your best life, now, no matter what! And with this challenge, I will show you how and where to start. Sign up, NOW!

Additionally, when you sign up, you’re automatically eligible for 1 of these 6 awesome prizes:

One winner:

One (1) winner and HER friend will join me (!!!!) on a silent, 4-day, 3-night retreat in the gorgeous hills of Northern California, on a private, gated estate! With airfare and rooms comped, you’ll be focused on deepening your heart-centered meditation practice with teachers who have been in the game for over 30 years. Check out Silentstay for more info!

Four winners:

Four (4) winners will receive MUSE Brain Sensing Headbands! One of the biggest questions people have when they start a meditation practice is, ‘am I doing this right?’ MUSE takes the guess work out by translating your brain signals into the sounds of wind. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear calm and settled winds. When your mind is active, the winds will pick up and blow. So, so dope. ($199 value per Muse Headband)

One winner

One (1) winner will receive a years supply of PLENTIFUL hair care products!!!! No matter how you style your hair, PLENTIFUL’s blend of avocado and aloe vera oils will promote abundant, healthy hair growth, and add to shine, softness, moisture, and manageability to every straight, wavy, curly, or coily strand of hair.

Sign up NOW! We’ll get started on Monday!


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