About Nikki

About Nikki

Nikki Walton is a licensed psychotherapist, television personality, and industry-disrupting lifestyle and beauty blogger. She’s also the author of the best selling and NAACP Image Award nominated book, ‘Better Than Good Hair’ (Harper Collins, 2013) and ‘When Good Hair Goes Bad’ (L’Oreal, 2016). She is presently one of the resident beauty experts for The Dr. Oz show.

In 2008, Walton created a consumer website that revolutionized the hair care industry.  Through behavioral marketing, her readers became educated consumers with new preferences.  This positively influenced the way manufacturers formulated their products, as well as how they marketed them. The website, CurlyNikki.com, became the largest and most popular blog of its kind. Over the years, the site has built a loyal and massive fan base (millions of women in more than 30 countries) who rely on Walton’s personal journey, advice and perspective.  Walton has been featured in many national and international media outlets ranging from The New York Times, Forbes.com, USA Today, Washington Post, London’s The Guardian and Huffington Post to Ebony, InStyle, Essence, and Parents Magazine. She’s made dozens of TV appearances to include Steve Harvey, TODAY, Tyra, ABC’s Nightline, Katie Couric and regular segments on Dr. Oz (2013-present). Black Enterprise named her one of the web’s most influential voices, Essence named her among their ‘Top 35 Under 35 Young, Black and Amazing’ and Blavity named her one of their 28 Black Leaders 2018.

Ask any Black woman with natural hair about CurlyNikki, and they’ll be able to point you to an article on her site that changed their lives. Her many fans come from all walks of life– judges, retail clerks, and celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, Issa Rae, and Wanda Sykes. Tamron Hall dubbed her THE QUEEN OF CURLS during an episode of Today Show.

Over the last 10 years, Walton has leveraged her ever-growing and influential platform to uplift women by engaging them through the concerns of their everyday lives. She recently expanded her platform, which not only takes her readers from outer to inner beauty, but from self-help to self-transcendence.

Of her teaching, she says,

“This is not ‘acting as if’. This is not ‘faking it til you make it’. This is not ‘just being yourself’, like* they* told you to. This is being a truer version of yourself. This is being still and consciously knowing, feeling, and practicing the presence of Love, in every moment, no matter what’s going on around you. This is being clear and transparent enough to let that Love not just work through you, but replace you, BE you— empowering your thoughts, your words, your actions.

And the moment you’re aware of and thus, being your truer self, beyond the body-mind, feeling this uncaused, unmanufactured, effortless Love, it’s like a light gets turned on. You realize you never had to fight or overcome the dark—it’s effortlessly and automatically replaced by the light! In that moment, fear is replaced by Confidence, sadness by Joy, lack by Abundance, worry by Faith, you by LOVE! Just cut on the light.”

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