“Water boils at 212 degrees, so if you are at 211, moving the needle just 1 degree can create enough steam to power a train, add that 1 degree and achieve great things.”- unknown

In addition to the actions you’re taking, be attentive to how you’re feeling inside! I love the above quote because it shows how a slight adjustment in your energy can create monumental changes. A good question to ask yourself throughout the day is ‘am I on 211 or 212?’ Feel for the answer. Then make adjustments and shift! Adjustments = stand or sit up taller, take a conscious breath, shoulders down and back, tummy unclenched, and smize a little! This is HER!

You were on 211 when you started reading this. But that lightness, joy and passion you’re beginning to feel now… that gentle excitement bubbling up in your chest, and that smile spreading across your face, that’s 212! Keep smiling! Stay here, as your truer self, in these empowering, go(o)d feels today, no matter what, and new ideas will come and you’ll take new actions and you’ll begin seeing a new world.

Who are you? What is the best version of you? Be her, now. What are you waiting for?




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